Aligning Organisation & Talent Strategy

Bourke Consulting offers human resources consulting support to organisations, that are looking to gain a fresh perspective on their talent needs. We are dedicated to assisting organisations develop and maintain a culture of high performance that is leveraged from the company’s values and tailored to fit the company’s needs. We work with you to align your business and talent strategy to drive your organisation and futureproof it for the opportunities and challenges ahead.

We offer customised consulting, implementation and training to help you attract, retain and develop your most valuable resource – your people!

Bourke Consulting is the brainchild of Caoimhe Bourke, a Senior Human Resources Professional with over 15 years of experience providing strategic and sound business experience, best practices, and engaging collaboration to ensure top results in all aspects of human resources, specifically focusing on innovative and intuitive human capital strategies and plans.


Talent Management Strategy

Ensure the right people are in the right place to achieve your business goals.

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Employee Experience

Create an engaging employee experience to attract and retain top talent, while driving your business forward.

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Change Management

Optimise the success of your next change initiative, by engaging your team in the process.

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